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Nadia loves to write children books inspired by nature. We hope these books bring joy and magic to you and your children.
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The Chick And The Caterpillar

Liri the Chick and Lili the Caterpillar are not supposed to be friends. Of all the insects in the garden, caterpillars are the most delicious to eat - especially for a growing chick. But more precious than a delectable dessert is the bond of true friendship. 

Come along and join an unlikely friendship as Liri and Lili learn, play, and grow together!

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The SweetPea and The Honeybee

This charming tale follows a whimsical young Honeybee as she wanders away from her home and her family, and stumbles into the beautiful unknown. She is lost, but she is not alone! A Sweetpea shoo's her fears away and shows her the magic of their little world at night. 

A delightful bedtime story to encourage sweet dreams throughout the night!

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About the Author

Nadia Artman

My inspiration


My twin daughters, Lilia and Mira, were my inspiration to write the books. They are my guiding lights.

Nadia Artman was born and raised in Moscow, Russia.

She found herself as a woman in the arts and has been an avid art activist and supporter. Nadia worked with the Russian Academy of Arts which offered a fashion trio of fresh art.

She is the founder of Shower Yoga, Odin, and Artman Productions and has produced multiple operas.

The birth of her twin daughters, Lilia and Mira, inspired her to write children's books to express the world's diversity and beauty - especially in nature. We are One.


Robin Joy Riggsbee

I love this book! I love the sweetness and relevance of the story. Because at the end of the day, it is all about our relationships with family and friends, and showing them love and receiving their love. As John Lennon so beautifully wrote “ love is all there is”.

Mercedez Davis

I love both books but the Sweetpea and a Honey Bee is my favorite! It just feels so magical and I love all of the twilight illustrations. The books are a perfect combination - I recommend reading The Chick and The Caterpillar during the day time and The Sweetpea and a Honey Bee at night.

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