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Artman Productions x Table With A View: Finding play and creativity during quarantine

It's true, we miss attending and creating shows, events, operas, and performances with all of you. We miss being in a huge crowd of people, feeling everyone's electrifying energy in a mass of synchronized movement and transcendental connection. The experience is indescribable, but you know it if you've felt it. This year has disappointed all of us in the event industry. But, through even the strangest of times: Art lives on. Creativity finds new ways. Love powers through in unexpected ways.

This collaboration between Artman Productions and Table With A View is just one example of how take advantage of the mandatory social distance and isolation measures. Colter Hoyt and Nadia Artman create intimate, exquisite dining experiences in the mountains and valleys of Colorado. Restaurants closed? No problem when you have imagination, time, and creative desire. (Love helps too, but even if you're struggling to always love those around you, you can at least share the love of art and play and fine dining).

We can't travel far right now, but what's in your backyard that you have yet to explore? Create experiences for yourself. Continue on in your artistic expression and be flexible with what that looks like. Remember that the magic that we all want lives inside of us. It has not left us, it never will.

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