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Good News for the Environment

We have more than enough bad news to pay attention to. Let's focus on some awesome eco-news to uplift your spirits! We're sharing some positive updates in the environmental world that we've come across, feel free to pass them along and share some with us too. We all need more nature, love, and positivity.

  1. Certainly nobody wished for a pandemic during their New Year celebrations, however one positive thing that has come from this period of slowdown is the affect its had on our air: Air pollution and carbon emissions have rapidly fallen during this time of economic slow down. Read the full BBC article.

  2. People are realizing now more than ever that protecting and restoring our the Earth's natural forests is essential to not only stop the averse affects of climate change, but also for the health and happiness of humans. The government of Wales announced a nearly 6 million dollar plan to build a national forest that expands its entire country! Read the full GREENMATTERS article.

  3. You can't forget about the soils when speaking of the importance of forests in the fight against environmental degradation, and a study published by Nature Sustainability Monday revealed that restoring the world's soil could remove 5.5 BILLION tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere PER YEAR. Read the full EcoWatch article.

  4. Not one, not two, but THREE oil and gas pipeline projects in the United States have been stopped within the last month: the Dakota Access Pipeline, the Keystone XL pipeline, and Atlantic Coast pipeline. We optimistically question whether this must be the glorious and long-awaited end to the building of new unwanted pipelines. Read the full New York Times article.

  5. There's one thing that makes all of us warm inside: the return of animals during this slowdown of human activity. There's been many examples of new animal sightings in our backyards and in our mountains - but they are also making appearances in our seas. North Atlantic right whale sighting are going up as the whales make their annual migration into New England. Read the full U.S. News article.

We hope this short list has given you a spark of warmth or hope. There's so much more out there and we encourage you all to keep your eyes up and ears peeled for good news. What have been your favorite Eco-stories that you've come across?

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