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Artman Productions Operas

Artman Productions is passionate about theatrical performances, especially Opera. Enjoy this preview of operas we have produced. 


Artman Productions worked with New Opera NYC in collaboration with Illuminum Fragrance of London to unveil beautiful performances of IOLANTA, the last opera written by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky.

Golden Cockerel

Stephan Rabimov writes, “Have you heard this tale? An extravagant aging ruler overcome by paranoia launches a quixotic war lead by two incompetent sons in charge of a crumbling empire until they meet their demise over unfulfilled political promises. And there are powerful women involved. Life imitates art?! Opera is often considered an attribute of elite leisure. However, it has deep socially-conscious roots.


PUSS in Boots 

This classic was hosted by Boulder Opera with Artman Productions


Little Red Riding Hood

A reimagined classic done in Opera fashion at the Dairy Arts Center.

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